Ultimate Google AdWords Course

Download udemy online courses ultimate google adwords course 2017–stop seo & win with ppc free. I took this course because I just had basic and theoretical knowledge of Google AdWords and I wanted to learn more practical stuff. Great course with plethora of information, examples and well-structured content! The instructor is experienced and easy to understand! The feeling I have now after finishing the course is that I must rematch it (if not all of it, some sections for sure) in order to say that the steps that Isaac implemented come naturally in my mind.

Ultimate Google AdWords Course

This  ultimate google adwords course 2017–stop seo & win with ppc course has inspired me to set up in business as an Adwords agency. Isaac is a really great role model for me, and he has covered so much ground in his course that, subject to re-visiting it again and again as I’m sure I’ll need and want to do, I’ll soon be ready to take on a campaign professionally.

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In fact, as I started describing to a friend how inspired I was by the course, he offered me administrator status on his own Adwords account. He runs a U.S. non-profit foundation which is one of 35,000 non-profits which obtain a hugely generous $10,000 per month Adwords grant from Google. It had recently been suspended by Google because Google now wants non-profits to achieve minimum 5% CTR across their account.

My friend had been operating his Adwords account for 10 years and the 10-year average was only 1.6% CTR! So I took up the challenge and after only 14 days I was using the entire daily budget of $329 in only 8 hours (opportunity there to refine the whole account!) with a CTR of 8.8%! That’s what Isaac’s course has enabled me to do!! Considering I knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about Adwords before I took Isaac’s course, that is a huge credit to Isaac’s inspiring teaching.




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