The Complete Sass & SCSS Course From Beginner to Advanced

the complete sass & scss course: from beginner to advanced download. the complete sass & scss course: from beginner to advanced free download. Great course. It was very clear and to the point .It didn’t get confused with teaching the principles of CSS and focused firmly on Sass. It was clear enough that I was able to watch it in double speed, cement my knowledge using the quiz sections and complete it with a good understanding of Sass in just an afternoon.

The Complete Sass & SCSS Course

  • the complete sass & scss course: from beginner to advanced download
  • the complete sass & scss course: from beginner to advanced free download
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  • advanced css and sass: take your css to the next level!
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Have learned sass/scss, and am ready to use it at my work.

The teaching is excellent, does the programming step by step that you as a student can follow, with proper explanation.

Sadly though, the course is incredibly lacking when it comes to exercises/homework. While I’m not personally a big fan of exercises, I still consider them an important must for training and learning how to use the framework properly. There are quizzes, but they are far too easy.

All in all, a good course I recommend, but it really needs improved exercises.

The information is great and super relevant, and the instructor clearly knows his stuff. But I feel like the pacing could use some work, especially in the last few sections. As a note-taker, I frequently have to stop and rewind because the instructor mentioned something important really fast and offhandedly. I’d recommend, when introducing new concepts, to pause for a moment and occasionally repeat yourself so people aren’t scrambling for the pause button.

This course truly is a complete deep-dive into Sass and SCSS. I have always been a fan of writing my CSS by hand, repetitions included, but this course has totally changed my tune. When it comes to full websites, I’m convinced that SCSS is the way to go. It’s the perfect marriage of programming and designing! It’s also so similar to CSS so it’s easy to learn. Peter does a great job at explaining each feature while you code a real website alongside him. He is also super responsive in the Q&A section, so I liked to check out that section at the end of each lecture for any additional comments he may have on the subject. Yes, sometimes his voice can be a bit monotonous, but he is direct and straightforward which definitely facilitates my learning. Would recommend this course to anyone at any level wanting to learn Sass & SCSS!

I have not completed the course yet but being half way through I am really enjoying it. It is very easy to get through with a steady pace in material, and the explanations don’t feel drawn out. I like that the instructor is direct and easy to understand. I have previous experience in web development, but not CSS preprocessors, and this has really helped to solidify main concepts in an efficient manner.

My only issue is that I wish there were more DIY application lessons where we’re given an “assignment” of sorts and have an answer to view in the next lesson or a pdf or something; either that or longer quizzes to compensate. Overall a very nice course and recommended for any skill level.

Update: I have since completed the course and stand by everything I stated previously. Well taught, direct and comprehensive, but more coding projects would be fantastic.


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