Powerpoint 2013 2016 – Master power point presentation

Want to become a power point master? Download power point 2013 2016 – master power point presentation from udemy. I enjoyed the course PowerPoint 2013 2016 – Master power point presentation. He has provided many good resources to learners. However, I hope he could explain and use those fonts that PPT has a little more as selecting new fonts would require much time and reasoning that lacks in beginners.

From this course you will learn

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Master POWER POINT presentation

There were some useful learning like the combine shapes functionality, resizing with shift and alt pressed, alignment tricks as well as some useful design inspirations. Overall however I felt that the course did not deliver enough value for the price paid. Instead of examples I would have like more foundation principles, tips and tricks for consistent, swift execution (like the resizing tips) and presentation structure.

This is an amazing course
how to make a cool power point presentation 2016 for budding consultants. Andrzej has covered almost every aspect of power point a business man needs to know. Very well structured lectures with utmost brevity thereby ensuring that the learners attention does not get diverted. Great Job Andrzej!

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best powerpoint presentations examples ppt

After not using PowerPoint for a few years, my supervisor thought it would be a great idea to take an online course on it to freshen up my skills. Andrzej did a really good job showing all his tricks and his perspectives on creating professional PowerPoint presentations. I would say I was already an advanced user, but I got a lot of great ideas when it came to design. LESS IS MORE! I found myself seeing what Andrzej was doing then getting an idea how to do best power point presentations examples pptan alternative way which is what I think he was trying to achieve. Highly recommended to everyone looking to freshen up on PowerPoint or to take your presentations to the next level. beginner to pro in powerpoint: complete powerpoint training.

A well thought guided tour that builds up your knowledge from basic to more advanced features. I particularly liked the references to external sources for resources and how each example is completed for you to see. Very good ideas applicable to my own projects. I encouraged here Andrzej to continue updating his course and hopefully to produce more courses showcasing his good and educated taste choosing different techniques with real world applications. Congratulations Andrzej!