PHP for Beginners: How to Build an E-Commerce Store

Download PHP for Beginners: How to Build an E-Commerce Store free udemy course. If you want to polish your skills and learn few more tricks as a beginner this is a great course to do so. Instructor is fun to listen to and lectures are easy to understand and follow.

PHP for Beginners

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This is my third course of Edwin diaz(ecommerce,oops,codeigniter) .Awesome tutor with awesome courses and very responsive to our questions and queries.Coming up to this particular course it is a very good basic learning course for php eCommerce with all major features included.i like to suggest to the tutor edwin diaz to add up some more features like review system and all.Hope you will add it very soon.

Great course to learn how to build an ecommerce site from scratch. If you want to get more knowledge about PHP this course is really good. Also very nice that Edwin Diaz keeps adding new lectures to the course! Keep the good work up!

This course was great. The main reason I took this course is to learn the paypal integration, but I ended up learning a whole lot more! This is a great followup if you took Edwin’s blog class.

Some familiarity with PHP is assumed; but honestly. If you’ve shell scripted before (if statements, loops, etc), you’ll be fine.


It seemed like the instructor did each lesson “on the fly”. Meaning that it feels like he just hit record and talked his way through how he did each part.

1) Why this is bad: For me, this feels a little bit disorganized. He, at times, makes mistakes that he may or may not fix in future lessons. Sometimes you’re debugging only to find out 2-3 lessons later that it wasn’t YOU that was wrong 🙂

2) Why this is good: This is actually how real world programming works. As Edwin says; “Mistakes are good”. Doing these lessons “on the fly” not only shows you the thought process behind it (the “why”); but also teaches you how to debug. Often times when you’re just “copying the teacher” you’re not really LEARNING. As frustrating as it is at times during the course, it’s actually good in the long run.

Overall; great course if you want to get good at procedural PHP web development.



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