Microsoft Excel – Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs

Download free Microsoft Excel – Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs udemy courses. This yet another excellent course that you have put together. The illustrations examples and demos are well designed and executed. Providing the PDF and Excel Exercises is indeed very helpful to follow along.

If I could request you to add something, it would be to include a brief narration of steps used in building the charts in Section 5 of Demos (especially the last couple of them). Overall an Excellent Course.

What will you learn

  • microsoft excel data analysis with excel pivot tables
  • excel data visualization tutorial
  • advanced excel charts and graphs templates
  • data visualization examples using excel
  • microsoft excel course
  • excel for analysts udemy
  • data visualization excel 2010
  • udemy advanced excel

Microsoft Excel – Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs

Simple easy to follow steps on the course. Good demos backed up by spreadsheet examples. Sometimes I listened to a lecture more than once to understand it. No bad thing, though.

At times the bookmark was lost. I would go to excel to practice. When I returned to the course I was unable to resume. I had to go to dashboard and start again.

I am always Chris’ fan, love the training material so much, clear and easy to read, will keep it as long as possible.

More important, Chris improves my data visualization skills, helps me to transform myself from a beginner to a more experienced one, and the training course Chris provides motivates me deeply.

Microsoft Excel – Data Visualization , Excel Charts and Graphs adds the often required – additional level of professional competency for the skill of Charting and Graphing. Thorough program and skill building throughout.

Instruction is clear and comprehensive. These are not the first online Excel courses I’ve taken, by easily the best. I am virtually applying what I’m learning immediately. In my book, “Professor” Dutton (as I call him) is about as good as it gets and I’ve recommended his courses to several friends/co-workers

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