Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Download Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables udemy course free. Excellent course for complete beginners. It covers a broad range of topics in Excel pivot table but only scratch the surface of each parts. I was hoping to learn more about Dashboard, however this course only spend 5 mins on it.

What will you learn

  • how to analyze data with pivot tables in excel 2007
  • pivot table excel
  • advanced excel for analytics
  • different ways to analyze data in excel
  • advanced pivot table example
  • microsoft excel: data visualization w/ excel charts & graphs
  • excel for analysts udemy
  • microsoft excel course

Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Clear and concise explanations, hands on of practice! Really awesome course!!

Chris responses to any kind of questions were really prompt and thorough. Certainly one of the best courses for pivot tables (if not the best) in Udemy!

Really a great instructor, and very responsive, answered all my questions right away. I would strongly recommend this course and I will take another from this instructor.

Excellent Program of Study. Excel Data Analysis an Pivot Table skills, are now part of my skill set. Gained confidence from the course and was definitely able to build on my beginner to immediate skill level.

how to analyze data with pivot tables in excel 2007

I dealt with Excel 10 years ago during my studies; i needed to refresh and update my Excel knowledge because i found a new job which requires Excel daily use.

This course really helped me to take back a lot of Excel skills that i had forgotten; it goes straight to the point and it is addressed for the ” real daily job”.

If you wanted more information on Pivot Tables/Charts I don’t know where you find it. Chris Dutton’s course is comprehensive to the nth degree. I’m sure Chris could work out a statistic for that. Full on, full of information but nicely paced. Even if you’re not a statistician this course will open a whole new way of presenting information with charts and tables.

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