Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

Download Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions udemy free courses. This course was great. It really boost my productivity at work. My co-workers now think I’m an Excel wiz. Chris did a great job explaining scary looking functions and formulas, especially when they’re nested.

What you will learn

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  • advanced excel formulas with examples in excel sheet free download
  • download excel formula book
  • microsoft excel – data analysis with excel pivot tables
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advanced excel formulas & functions download

I bought all of your Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions courses, I told you before and I’m gonna say it again, these courses was the key that I needed to get my promotion!

I’m the Excel guy now!! my friends always call me when they face a problem that relates to Ms Excel.

I started from the ZERO, now I can say that I’m pretty good thanks for Udemy and these great courses!

Download Udemy Microsoft Excel courses

there is no doubt that how passionate you are in this excel course and the way you enjoy the course and make the students to fall in love in this course, but my humble suggestion is pls i am not that expert or well versed in this great course,still i am very passionate and love this course,pls make it little bit indepth in making this course as it will serve my purpose in mastering this course..looking forward for your response.

I have found some really cool functions like combining offset and counta, double unary, INDIRECT in the course. Array function was really good to learn, it can make some functions shorter and more efficient. Overall most of the functions that I learnt here are much applicable in my workplace. Also I like the format of the videos – basically first a screenshot is provided which tells us about the function and then practically doing it in excel.

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