Learn to Think Like a Philosopher

Download Learn to Think Like a Philosopher udemy course free. How to improve your grades, advance in your job and expand your mind — by learning how to think for yourself! Introduce students to fundamental concepts of critical thinking (logic, argument analysis, rhetoric, reasoning with probabilities, the importance of background knowledge, etc.).

Learn to Think Like a Philosopher

Excellent material thus far. The introduction provided super-sufficiently compelling motivations to interest me!

I was originally intending to rate the material at 4 stars. The reasoning having been that whilst the material engaged me I want to be doing more than just listening myself. Practising critical thinking whilst working my way through the material would have been perfect.

Articulating my thoughts explicitly is, I find, the most effective method for internalising the lessons and developing the neural pathways necessary to feeling comfortable thinking in a new way.

So I would have loved to have been posed specific questions and been provided with a text box (like this one) in which to write and save my thoughts on a topic (with the option to revise said thoughts).

I acknowledge that this is a step in the direction of a genuine university and therefore has to be evaluated alongside contingencies such as cost, making the suggestion somewhat idealistic . Likewise I acknowledge that there is nothing stopping me from creating word documents as I go (indeed this is what I am doing). Hence the rating of 5 stars.

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Download Learn to Think Like a Philosopher free

Nonetheless I submit that some convenient means with which to make annotations, write essays or highlight subject matter to return to would be a superb feature to consider. Moreover I think the advantages of such a feature would dovetail with the advantages of posing questions and exercises with recommended research references.

As a last note I’d like to point out that your persistence in keeping your own position on the debates considered in the material unspecified is extremely useful. I’ve noticed that my propensity to argue against positions prior to fully understanding their appeal is dampened by the ambiguity of your true stance.

udemy course free download

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This is a well crafted course and has really helped me in understanding philosophy, logic and critical thinking. I haven’t finished the course yet, still I believe that it is very helpful. It will benefit the learner in following ways:

– It helps you to better judge and analyze the arguments.

– It helps you to know the world better (without biases and influences by questioning and analyzing the arguments thrown at you)

– It helps to convey your own argument better to the world (may it be in writing, or speech)

– It will definitely help you in taking analytical exams in a better way.