Learn SCADA from Scratch – Design, Program and Interface

Download Learn SCADA from Scratch – Design, Program and Interface udemy free course. Learn and practice SCADA in open source software.

The material was quite informative but practical exercises should be included to test the understanding of the materials learned.Also more support for people having issues with the required software.

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I am a visual Studio programmer for well over 20 years. With Ingear comm i can talk to any PLC. Doing a scada is for me an esy job. I am also the guy that build HMI with the PLC team. I sure liked the examples process, that was fun.

learn scada online free

Because the content of course are as such that links have been provided to download free software such as Ignition Scada,Rs logic,RS link and if plc is purchased,you can carry out the process practically also and thus the intention behind the course are verified. Thanking you for a great methodology and visualization.

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Firstly, I am software engineer who has been working in the industry for 15 years with different types of projects (business to telco to IoT comms). I signed up for the course to understand what are the different component of SCADA as at high level i understand its working. Expectation was to understand the details of each component of the overall SCADA systems and generally what standards are being use and eventually how to do it.

I would say this course is for those who already know well about PLC and they want to know ‘how’ to do SCADA using a tool. I think the trainer has given a good overview of using a tool.

scada programming tutorial

My hope was if at least the trainer explained about each component such as what communication networks are being use and how it works and also by giving some overview of PLC. Another suggestion would be if there is any simulator or emulator that we could use for learning PLC systems as students or people which are new to this domain may not have actual devices in hand.

But anyways, if the goal is to learn how to do SCADA system, this is a good course/tutorial