Learn C# By Building Applications

Download Learn C# By Building Applications udemy free course. The instructor was was very informative and gave excellent insight on update to C# code. I was please to know that he will be adding new updates in the future. Loved the course. Useful and to the point. Although the applications he builds are somewhat abstract, it is easy to follow how the same type of mindset and programming style could be used in real world applications.

Learn C# By Building Applications

Very well done! The instructor does an excellent job of methodically stepping through the process of effective application development. From algorithm to testing, he covers the development in succinct, compressive lectures. The problems that he presents (programs that you write) are real-world based and not just coding mumbo-jumbo. This instructor is very clear in all of his presentations.

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Another kudo for this instructor is that he maintains his course – keeping it up-to-date with current technology changes. You will find that most courses on Udemy are thrown out there and simply forgotten—not this one. Furthermore, he responds, almost immediately, to any questions and continually asks for questions. This instructor definitely knows his subject material.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the course is the instructor’s persistent use of cut-n-paste in his code writing. He is very quick with the mouse: grabbing stuff from there and pasting it here in the blink of an eye. He then goes through and edits the pasted information. To me, this is an error prone practice and the time saved is mute, especially since IntelliSense is so evolved that it practically writes your code for you.

The only reason I didn’t give the course a full five stars: there is always room for improvement

Clear and understandable. I sure have benefited from this course. But needs better explanation of the thought process in solving the examples. Clearly, there are requirements documentation and flow charts and this helps with understanding the scope but not the solution design process. The instructor solves the problem and then explains it. But I think before solving the problem, it would be better to go through the thinking and alternatives. I think it’s not best for an absolute beginner. And additionally the delivery of the course was a bit slow. I had to accelerate the playback to 1.25 or 1.5 at all times for a better engagement. This brings the question, if this is done on purpose to lenghten the video duration for marketing purposes.


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