Java Swing (GUI) Programming

Download udemy free course java swing (gui) programming: from beginner to expert download. Best java GUI course I have come across. Very practical, and I learned a lot. This has certainly complete my learning of developing applications in Java.

Java Swing (GUI) Programming

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I like it. Easy to understand, thorough, well elaborated, consequent in style and notations and -last but not least- with an enjoyable pronunciation. However it could be updated according to the newer features in Java for example by using try-with-resources and -> functional interfaces, even though the function stuff gets mentioned later. But this functional interfaces thing is not that important from the swing perspective. And the Motif look and feel is not that bad at all.

I’ve been out of the programming gig for a couple of years, but I learned more about Java, Object Oriented Programming and GUI design from this course than I did in college! Just taking a step back and building an application from scratch helped me comprehend things that I didn’t before, and even little things like MNeumonics and Accelerators that seemed so difficult when trying to google it were so much easier than I expected. The application itself has a couple of minor bugs, but you can tell the instructor is thinking it through with you and you get to know a little bit about his mind flows. Most of the errors he fixes, but the (very minor) ones he doesn’t are also a good learning experience in debugging.

First time I have taken a course by John, but it will definitely not be last. I love the way he explains everything as he’s showing you. His knowledge on the subject is also fantastic. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to know either Swing or just a little bit more Java.


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