Google Spreadsheet: From Level Zero

Download Google Spreadsheet: From Level Zero udemy free courses. Easy to follow so far. Instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject, explained things very thoroughly, wish I had access to his data so I didn’t have to spend time creating dummy data.

Google Spreadsheet: From Level Zero

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Some of the functions are beyond what I will ever need to use, and they are a bit complicated, but not too bad. I hope to apply this knowledge at some time in the future. It will be nice to have this class as a reference point.

The course content and the teacher’s knowledge and ability to show/ explain make up for the difficult accent.Instructor is very knowledgeable…he goes over everything. Very informative!

Very informative. I have learned alot of new things. I understand how dashboards are are made for presentations.

google sheets tutorial

I expected to see a course that would teach me how make dashboards that not only presented data in text form but also leveraged charts (bar charts, pie charts, linear ones). This course doesn’t do this. All of the dashboards examples tend to be the same in structure/presentation and they are text only, which makes them unattractive in our age. With the exception of the last example dashboard, no charts are leveraged to denote trends. And even then, the bar chart used was the most simple type.

I know this is a beginner course but part of what made me pick this course was the picture on it depicting all sort of graph charts. I felt mislead once I realized the use of charts on the dashboard examples was basically non-existent.

I also felt the choice of colors for the text dashboards to be very hard on the eyes and difficult to focus on.


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