Google Analytics Mastery

Download Google Analytics Mastery udemy course free from online. The content is very relevant, but it would have been easier to follow if the same business/website was used as an example throughout the tutorial. Instead, the instructor self-promotes his various businesses with no continuity between examples.

Also, the instructor makes many mistakes which he then goes back to correct– which can be helpful for learning how to avoid making those same mistakes, but it’s difficult to use the tutorials for future reference since the viewer has to watch him make the mistake and correct it.

Since this was originally a webinar, a significant amount of time is spent in each segment waiting for the participants to join. As a suggestion, watch this tutorial at 2x speed!

Google Analytics Mastery

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It was very helpful how George explained all aspects of Google Analytics and how to work with it.

The most useful parts are the “over his shoulder” where he is interpreting the traffic of a students own website. Parts like that I would wish more as well as advanced usage like setting up event tracking using the Google Tag Manager and the Data Layer… But overall absolutely worth it!

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The information is great–no fantastic, but you do need a bit of technical understanding already in order to understand the lessons

The instructor has failed to keep this course up to date. The material is several years old. I’m not sure I would have purchased the course had I of known this.


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