Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price schedule

A few week age i have visited Rajshahi by train. New people who does visits Rajshahi  before and do not know Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price schedule this article is for those. In this article i will describe my whole journey and experience of my Rajshahi visit. Also, i will share how to buy Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket? Ok, There are many ways you can buy Rajshahi train tickets. I brought my ticket silk city express dhaka to rajshahi from Dhaka railway station. On the other hand, you can book dhaka to rajshahi train ticket though online.

Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule

Do you know the train of Dhaka to Rajshahi? There are 3 trains are available in Dhaka to Rajshahi and Rajshahi to Dhaka route. Silk city express is one of the most high priority train dhaka to rajshahi train route. Also, padma express train is very comfortable for traveling. So, i am sharing here both Silk city express and padma express train schedule in the below table.

Silkcity Express

  • Train name: Silkcity Express.
  • Code: Silkcity Express train code is 753.
  • Route: Dhaka to Rajshahi.
  • Departure time from Biman Bandar Station: 15:12 PM.
  • Arrival time in Rajshahi: 21:05 PM.
  • Off day: Silkcity Express off day is Sunday.
  • Ticket price:

Padma Express

  • Train name: Padma Express.
  • Code: Padma Express train code is 759.
  • Route: Dhaka to Rajshahi.
  • Departure time from Biman Bandar: 23:42 PM.
  • Arrival time in Rajshahi: 04.50 AM.
  • Off day: Padma Express off day is Tuesday.
  • Ticket price:

Dumketu Express

  • Train name: Dumketu Express
  • Code: Dumketu Express train code is 769.
  • Route: Dhaka to Rajshahi.
  • Departure time from Biman Bandar Station: 06:32 PM.
  • Arrival time in Rajshahi: 11:50 PM.
  • Off day: Dumketu Express off day is Saturday.
  • Ticket price:

Rajshahi Express

  • Train name: Rajshahi Express
  • Code: Rajshahi Express train code is 5.
  • Route: Dhaka to Rajshahi.
  • Departure time from Dhaka Station: 11:49 PM.
  • Arrival time in Rajshahi: 21:45 PM.
  • Off day: no off day.
  • Ticket price:

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Intercity Trains From Rajshahi Station:
Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
716Kapotaksha ExpressSaturdayRajshahi14:15Khulna20:00
731Barandra ExpressSundayRajshahi15:00Nilphari21:50
733Titumir ExpressWednesdayRajshahi06:20Chilahati13:00
754Silkcity ExpressSundayRajshahi07:40Dhaka13:30
756Madhumati ExpressThursdayRajshahi07:00Goalando Ghat12:20
760Padma ExpressTuesdayRajshahi16:00Dhaka21:40
762Sagordari ExpressMondayRajshahi06:40Khulna12:45
770Dumkatu ExpressFridayRajshahi23:20Dhaka04:50


Mail/Express Trains From Rajshahi :
Train NoNeOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
5Rajshahi ExpressNoRajshahi20:15Chapainowabgonj22:20
6Rajshahi ExpressNoRajshahi10:30Sirajgonj Bazar17:10
15Mohananda ExpressNoRajshahi19:45Chapainowabgonj21:40
16Mohananda ExpressNoRajshahi07:55Khulna16:40
31Uttara ExpressNoRajshahi12:30Parbatipur20:15
57Rajshahi CommuterNoRajshahi09:25Chapainowabgonj11:10
58Rajshahi CommuterNoRajshahi5:30Ishurdi07:00
77Rajshahi CommuterNoRajshahi15:20Rohanpur17:00
78Rajshahi CommuterNoRajshahi19:35Iswadi21:20

Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price

In this section see the ticket price of Silkcity Express, Padma Express, Dumketu Express and Rajshahi Express from the image or price list below. Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket fare is very low.


So, you can cheaply visit Rajshai by train. Book your online ticket ilkcity Express, Padma Express, Dumketu Express and Rajshahi Express by clicking this link.

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