Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule and ticket price

Are you searching for dhaka to mymensingh train schedule and ticket price? You are in right website. From this page you will know about dhaka to mymensingh train ticket price and schedule. If you are going to plan a journey Dhaka to Mymensingh by train, you have to know the  train schedule of dhaka to mymensingh. The journey by train is very comfortable. A few days ago i went to Mymensingh by train. I was a very exciting journey. Now, i will discuss here about the dhaka to mymensingh train schedule and ticket price, so that you can travel mymensingh without any problem.

Dhaka to Mymensingh train (Updated in 2018)

Firstly, If you want to visit mymensingh from Dhaka, you have to the right train schedule. In the age of modern science you can easily check mymensingh train schedule from dhaka komlapur station from this page. After checking train schedule, now it is time to decide which train do you want to visit? So, please check the mymensingh train schedule from dhaka station and fixed your journey time.

Intercity Trains Dhaka to Mymensingh:

Train NameOff dayFromTimeToArrival
Tista ExpressMondayDhaka07:20Dewangonj Bazar12:55
Aghnibina ExpressNoDhaka09:40Tarakandi15:20
Brahmaputra ExpressNoDhaka18:00Dewangonj Bazar00:30
Hawr ExpressWednesdayDhaka23:50Mohongonj06:10

Intercity Trains From Mymensingh:

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
707Tista ExpressMondayMymensingh10:23Dewangonge Bazar12:40
708Tista ExpressMondayMymensingh17:10Dhaka20:10
735Aghnibina ExpressNoMymensingh12:43Tarakandi15:00
736Aghnibina ExpressNoMymensingh19:15Dhaka22:35
743Bhrammaputra ExpressNoMymensingh21:15Dewangonge Bazar23:50
744Brahmaputra ExpressNoMymensingh09:10Dhaka12:30
745Jamuna ExpressNoMymensingh20:20Tarakandi22:30
746Jamuna ExpressNoMymensingh04:35Dhaka07:40
777Hawr ExpressThursdayMymensingh03:20Mohangonj05:40
778Hawr ExpressThursdayMymensingh11:00Dhaka14:15
786Bijoy ExpressTuesdayMymensingh20:00Chittagong04:50
789Mohangonj ExpressMondayMymensingh17:25Mohangonj20:10
790Mohangonj ExpressMondayMymensingh03:02Dhaka06:20

  dhaka to mymensingh train ticket price

In this section, you will be know about dhaka to mymensingh train ticket price. The distance dhaka to mymensingh is 123 km. The train ticket price of dhaka to mymensingh is below. Please see the red mark row to the price

bd train ticket price

If you any query about mymensingh train ticket price please do a comments on below. You can buy mymensingh train ticket Dhaka station and Air port railway station. Also, you can buy bd train ticket from online.



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