Data Structures and Algorithms: Deep Dive Using Java

data structures and algorithms: deep dive using java free download. introduction to data structures & algorithms in java udemy download. I’m a software developer who uses Java (intermediate experience and knowledge). I enjoyed Tim’s Java Masterclass – it helped me a LOT in my work (Particularly with Java 8. We just upgraded to 8 recently). I found this course a good followup – helped me see more of the nuts and bolts behind many Java classes. My work involves frequently using JDBC for data base access, and this course will be very helpful with how I handle the data once I’ve fetched it from the DB – detailed collection structures, sorts, etc., PLUS explanations of the pros and cons of many of these structures. I’m very pleased with this course and it will definitely help me.

Data Structures and Algorithms

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data structure and algorithm java

This course is a great overview of Data Structures and Algorithms! It has a predictable structure, which I appreciated. For any given topic, you first learn the theory behind it via Powerpoint slides, then you watch the instructor write an implementation of the topic in Java. Sarah explains things clearly while she’s lecturing on the slides and while she’s writing code. She doesn’t spoonfeed you, though. I found myself having to pause the video and sketch things out on paper a lot during the implementations to understand what was going on. But I think that was a good way for me to practice problem-solving instead of just passively taking in information.

My only complaint is that the exercises at the end of each section are a bit light, but then again, I think this course is meant to be an overview, something that will get you started on the (I’m assuming) long journey of preparing for a coding interview!

This was my first course on Udemy and I really enjoyed learning.I seriously didn’t knew that there were so many sort algorithms.Being an Electronics and TeleCommunication Graduate who wants to get into IT industry,I always heard that Data Structures and Algorithms is a key subject to become a better programmer and now I know why.Sarah Mam explains really well and to the point.I am grateful that I chose this as my first Udemy course and I am thankful to her for teaching me such a important subject.The only reason I am not giving a 5 star rating is there should have been Graphs Topic at least a little bit and one or two extra lessons about implementing a Set-Related Program.Please try to add this for students who are going to enroll in this course in the future.I totally recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Data Structures and Algorithms and it’s practical implementations.I am sure I am a much better programmer now due to this course.

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