Complete Java Masterclass

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Complete Java Masterclass

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After a leaving the Java playfield at Java 1.3, I recently joined an Java development team working in 1.8. I was shocked to realize I couldn’t understand the code anymore. Immediate action was necessary.

I really appreciated Tim’s colleges. He’s obviously a seizoned teacher. He knows what’s going on in the brains of his public and makes understandable, coherent and interesting lessons.

I had to get used to his Australian pronunciation (is he saying ‘while’ or ‘wall’?), but i got better at it. But I got a lot better with with my Java 1.8 !

Just an amazing course! I’ve couldn’t even anticipated such a comprehensive and detailed online course. Nice start to Java programming, but in my opinion not enough to land you in the Junior position (that being said not against this course but toward more practice after its finishing). Worth every cent that you will spend on it. Greatly recommending! And thank you.

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I would like to emphasize how Professor Tim Buchalka can address the most complex subjects and make them easy to understand, After all these hours of dedication I feel much more confident developing my applications and sincerely one thing to say: thank you very much.

Well, finally was able to get myself to finish this course. This is clearly a reflection on me (ever the procrastinator) and not the instructor.

I took this course as a bit of a refresher since I learned Java after C++ (Masters curriculum circa 2003/2004) and am now using Java as the main programming language at my current job.

The course was thorough covering all the major areas. There is already so much covered that it’s hard to think of something off the top of my head.

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