Become an Algebra Master

Download Become an Algebra Master. Learn everything from Pre-algebra, and Algebra I and II, then test your knowledge on 230+ quiz questions. Udemy free course Become an Algebra Master will teach you math steps by steps. So, download Become an Algebra Master free course and keep practicing in your home.

Become an Algebra Master

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Become an Algebra Master” is an exceptional course. All lecture content is comprehensive and easy to follow. Lecture exercises and assessments are challenging and keep the student engaged. It is clear that the instructor has made an effort to ensure all content is comparable to a traditional college algebra class.

The instructor could improve this course by adding more content to the section concerning exponential and logarithmic functions. Although the lesson was refreshing, it was brief and lacked the coverage seen in previous lectures. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in mastering the fundamentals of mathematics. I look forward to taking Krista’s “Become a Trigonometry Master” course in the future.

This course makes me realize how poor public standardized education is. This is affordable and good quality. minimal mistakes, but you can see them and still understand what was meant. recommend writing the notes to help retain information, and some of the videos enlighten you on details you may have not known. I’m overseas and responses were reasonably timely so don’t feel like you cant ask a question, just be clear on the subject matter. if you wish to practice some of your skills.

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Just finished the course. Overall, I thought the course was very good.

The areas that matter to me when taking a course like this are: Video Content, Audio/Video quality, Instructor availability (answering questions), and Supplementary Resources.

The most important area is the Video Content so I will leave that for last. When it comes to the Audio/Video quality of this course, I thought it was extremely good. I could clearly see everything that was written on the screen, even while at times using a high-resolution Retina or 4k display. The audio quality was also great. Krista, spoke clearly and concisely throughout the course. In some Udemy courses, you can hear fluctuations in the audio. That unfortunately makes it difficult to learn from the video. Fortunately, this course does not have that problem and the audio is great.

The next area I look at is Instructor Availability. If anytime I had a question, Krista would typically answer it within 24 hours. Even if I just had a comment she would respond as well. Her answers were always thorough, concise and pleasant. Great job here.

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The supplementary resources for the course are great. It’s clear that Krista took time to design the numerous articles/guides that were used in the course. Everything is done meticulously. There were some errors in some of the answer guides, but she fixed them quickly after I noted the issue.

The last and MOST important area of course is the Video Content. The content is good however, there were times I felt a topic would be introduced without any sort of explanation. Also, I think the the course could be ordered better than it is currently. For example, the zero theorem is used throughout the course but isn’t officially covered until Section 19. Also I feel as though certain section could use more time/videos. An example would be graphing, it’s not covered in as much depth as I would like.

The issues in the Video Content area, the MOST important area of a course like this, is why I took off a star from the rating. Everything else is spot on. I don’t know that I would use this course as my primary learning for algebra. Ultimately I think this course is a good supplement to whatever other algebra learning you are doing.