One of the best courses covering EF & MVC. After watching this course, i learnt a lot of basic information about MVC Applications. A must course for all beginners. Very informative and well paced. Thanks to Manzoor for preparing such a well thought-out course. Keep up the good work. Hoping to see more courses like this

What will you learn

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The sound quality differs a lot. Clicks a

nd quiet videos make it distracting. I did like going from basics to more complex concepts. However, I could do without the examples under the command window. Also I would have liked more examples of using stored procedures to get ddl table data or saving the data.

comprehensive asp net mvc udemy

The topic is excellent, but it is really hard to understand the instructor. The accent is strong and hard to understand. Also it would be great to see the project created with code first instead of having the database already created and with data.

It’s an excellent course. This course really helped to learn ASP.NET MVC and EF from scratch. I liked the coverage of the course and the simplicity of the trainer while explaining the same. I am happy with it and it’s a value for money.

Only reason for deducting 0.5, at times some videos are very short and some videos had a bad audio quality.


It is actually a good course starting from basics to turning you as a good MVC programmer. It does really helped me in my current project we are starting in MVC here yet my client. It really gave me the good understanding on framework.


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The lecturer is engaging and experienced, make complex jargon in simple meaningful concept. The course is structured byte size, not too long. He touched a lot of grounds from entity framework,, authorization and authentication, razor, MVC, a scratch to JSON. I like the whole course content and request to cover JSON in more dept. Thank you.

Just finished this course and I have to say, this course is very comprehensive. One can see that MTT has put in very good efforts preparing this course with examples. I have taken some other courses from this instructor as well and looking for some new material.

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