ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5),MVC 6,C#,Angular4

Download ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5),MVC 6,C#,Angular4 & EF Crash Course udemy paid course free. I like that the course goes through and does all platforms, and the user can either use it now or save it for later and just ignore what they don’t need. The idea of multi platform development is very good. It is amazing that they are just teaching what Microsoft has done. The idea that Microsoft has expanded out into these area is astounding to me. This is a good intro to this material.

ASP NET Core (ASP.NET 5),MVC 6,C#,Angular4

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Very good teaching. Would love it if some additional explanation is available (even in appendix) of why some of the functions exist as they do (i.e. in startup.cs) … why it’s built that way … why not simpler (less verbose) ways if some of the configuration not being exercised. But, this course has been great and helpful.

The course is structured and well paced, but I am following the course with dotnet core 2, and code modification is needed, which slows down my participation – it can hardly be called a crash course unless you use the original version.

udemy core

Watching the videos, a core course aspect, is hard: videos stream so slow it takes me 3x the time, and downloads do not seem to be available. I was happily surprised that downloads became available for section 4, but section 5 were down to only in stream watching – very frustrating.

It is a really difficult tutorial to follow due to the constant upgrades, videos and the course project do not have continuity. I could not continue with the course project app because everything explained in the videos does not actually work with actual versions .NetCore and EF, will have to find youtube videos with this updated information in order to conclude my app


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