Advanced C Programming: Pointers

advanced c programming: pointers udemy free download, I have crashed into this course with really basic understanding what pointers are, but always had trouble using and debugging them in Network programming, File Handling etc. Now I got a solid knowledge what pointers are, how to use them and how to build sorting algorithms. It is really great that instructor provided examples how pointers are implemented in linked lists, because lists in general are useful in many applications.

Advanced C Programming: Pointers

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I’m not a programmer by trade but have done a ton of bash scripting in my career in InfoSec and can somewhat read code of all sorts. I had C in college 28 years ago and have programmed in it little to none for all these years until recently in my upper 40s. All of a sudden, I find myself fascinated with C (odd I know) and have been developing a “white hat hacking tool” to use on the job, currently 1,000 lines (haha, but 400 comments). I’m totally amazed at what I still recall from college, but this course has helped refresh topics I’ve long forgotten and has introduced me to some new ideas. Huw is well-paced in this short course and explains things well. He is patient and uses nice visuals to reinforce topics. He is easy to understand, even being across the pond from where I’m at. I had no problem with the accent. He also provides all of his code for download, which is commented very well. I plan to hit that code hard for review, as this course is not easy and I’m the type that likes to really understand everything well before moving on. All in all, this course was well worth the cost here on Udemy, if you want to understand pointers in C, which is a critical component of C. I would give 5 but I never give 5s. So there you go.

The course succeeds in its aim. The instructor explains pointers. The instructor breaks down the topic and explains each piece. As the instructor says in the final video, pointers are easy, but pointers can be used in complex ways. The true benefit of this course is that the instructor makes something easy and accessible and then explains the more complex aspects in ways that someone can grasp the content


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